Katie Garry and her family live in Glendale, Ohio in a home that will feel familiar to so many parents — charming spaces touched with kids toys and piles of laundry that never seem to end.: )

Katie is the mom of two toddlers (not quite old enough to be in school yet).So, while her quarantine experience hasn’t had the home schooling aspect that many parents are managing, she is dealing with the unique challenges of trying to keep two little ones occupied, while she and her husband try and get their work done.欢迎, Katie!

Our home is full of a fun cast of characters.My hard-working and dedicated husband, Ryan, who works as a drafter at an engineering firm and is the best girl-dad.He never hides away from dance or tea parties and will probably be the Girl Scout Troop leader one day.

Our recently-turned five-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, is a born performer — never far from a microphone, dress-up dress, or imagined stage.

Our 2.5-year-old daughter Madeline is hilarious, athletic, and strong-willed.She can often be seen riding her scooter wearing scuffed up sneaks, a mischievous grin, and sparkly party dresses.

And me, Katie.I’m the planner of the crew.Organization is my love language.I love every stage that my kids are in when they are in them.It’s amazing watching them grow and develop into the people they will be.I believe that we’re not raising children;we’re teaching and encouraging future adults.After nearly a decade in corporate, I now work as a self-employed creative strategist and brand storyteller.

Ryan and I have been together for nearly 15 years, though we’re only celebrating seven years of marriage this year.We met in college at Ohio Northern University, a small liberal arts school in Ada, Ohio.He was a smart, two-sport athlete from Florida who had never seen snow and I was a studious small-town girl from rural Ohio who had ambitions of being a doctor until zoology bored me to death and tarnished my GPA.

Ryan and I didn’t date until we were juniors, but had been friends since the start of our freshman year.In fact, many of our friends also dated and ended up married to each other, so we’ve been able to traverse many stages of life together — growing from co-eds, to adulting, to parenting — even if we’re states apart.

We live in Glendale, Ohio.A quiet, idyllic village nestled in Northern Cincinnati.The village itself is on the National Historic Register and has the distinction of being named a Tree City, USA.Our town mascot is the Black Squirrel and painted 4ft ceramic squirrels are peppered through the village.The people who live in Glendale are mostly wonderful, and the rest are great.House prices range from the mid-$100ks into the millions, with most homes starting at $250k+.

Walk-ability is a major selling point.With restaurants, shops, salons, and a bakery, pharmacy and ice cream shop all at the center of town near the square, you can get most of your needs met without getting in a car.The highway, grocery stores and major chains are less than a mile out of village limits, so you’re connected and separated all at the same time.

One thing that attracted us to Glendale is the public school system.Our family is interracial: Katie is white.Ryan is black.And the girls are biracial.Princeton City Schools is one of the most organically diverse districts in the city because of the towns it pulls from.The range of races, incomes, and family types is important to us, to show our kids a diverse world.

What makes Glendale the best are the people who live there.The community comes together to support a range of activities throughout the year.像一个夏天音乐会每Sa系列绿色turday where you can bring your own picnic and drinks of choice, and kick back and socialize as a neighborhood.A kid and adult Halloween party.A holiday home tour.A beer and wine street fair in the fall.Not to mention a little local library that’s ran by volunteers who host a monthly story time, and a Boy Scout troop that offers yearly mulching services.

What we don’t love about Glendale is some of the services can be a bit outdated, as well as some points of view.It’s sometimes a challenge to offer new ideas or bring forth progressive plans because people are more comfortable doing things how they’ve always been done.We also experience frequent water main breaks (at least a couple a year) due to turn of the century piping that’s still in use.This is set to be repaired in the coming year, so hopefully it’ll come off our list.

Our house came to be ours in a relatively normal way.We were at the beginning of our home search in late 2013.It was a flipped property that had been on the market for less than a week.We saw it with our realtor and put in an offer the next day.The purchase process was relatively simple, until a title issue arose on the seller’s end.

We had already given our notice at the property we had been renting, and we had a date that we had to be out, so the owners could prepare for the next renter.But our closing was delayed due to the seller’s issue.We ended up moving into our house prior to closing, which was odd!But it also allowed us to identify some minor issues and get them fixed before the closing.

Life is strange.Globally, this feels like an unreal situation straight out of a science fiction novel.Though within our four walls, we’re doing okay.Some days are better than others.And they are all long.It’s been most challenging just being together 24/7 and not having any separation between work, family, and self.

As an extrovert, I describe it as being the most smothered and alone as I’ve ever been.I wake up obscenely early to get solid working and thinking time in the morning, from 5:00 to 9:00 AM.My husband’s job is an essential business, but his role affords him the opportunity to work from home.His 9 a.m.standing meeting marks our changing of the guard, and then throughout the day we take turns keeping our young children occupied and engaged.

But there are definitely some days that PBS and YouTube Kids babysit a lot of the day.After family time in the late afternoon, with a park visit, walk, or other activity, plus dinner, we get the kids to bed and Ryan clocks his most productive hours from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM.It’s tough.It’s exhausting.But we’re making it work.I just wonder how long we can sustain this sort of schedule…

Also, I can’t understand the amount of dishes and laundry we’re creating!How?!Laundry has been a permanent fixture on our couch in the lower level since the beginning of this pandemic.And I swear, the dishwasher has me feeling like I’m walking through a revolving door all day.

I don’t know if it’s fortunately or unfortunately that our kids aren’t school-aged yet.We don’t have the requirements of their curriculum or classroom calls, but we also don’t have the built in-structure to help give days more order.

Our oldest will be in kindergarten in the fall, and I’m kind of glad she doesn’t have context of what school is (or was?), so she won’t have anything to compare it to if it looks, feels, and acts differently than what we traditionally envision when we think of school.

The unknown is hard.The uncertainty is unsettling.The threat of a second wave in the fall is unnerving.I’m actually expecting our third child in November and I feel like I’m going to be stuck at home for at least a year.From March 2020 until at least March 2021, once the baby arrives.

The newborn phase is hard enough with support and help.I worry that we’ll still be practicing levels of social distancing then and I’ll be left trying to figure out how to keep it all together alone.(I say “alone” because of businesses having employees go back to work, and being self-employed, and the primary care provider.The mental load that mothers carry is no joke.Even when we have involved, active partners, more of the weight still tends to rest on our shoulders.)

We really need to figure out a federal parental leave policy in this nation that supports the mental and physical health and well-being of parents and babies.

As a family we were constantly on-the-go.We’d make weekend trips to see friends and family all summer long.While we miss this aspect of our lives, it’s been nice to slow down and focus more on our nuclear family and spending more quality time together.I think that even when quarantine is over, we’ll be less over-scheduled than we have in the past.



我也希望我们继续找出不同的方式来让对方感觉庆祝。我们已经做的生日游行的家庭成员 - 我最喜欢的是我90和88岁的爷爷和奶奶。他们是如此激动和惊讶。然后,他们能够从他们的残障人士面包车的窗户返回的青睐,扔糖果,而我的爸爸开车带他们在领先车麦肯齐的5岁生日。

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Pottery Barn的,喜欢小孩椅子(更好的价格!)



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